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WIAP Press Release

We are getting ready to head out on the ice in a few weeks!

The Women Ice Angler Project will once again hit the waters of Lake of
the Woods to promote the sport of Ice Fishing to Women. Women are
joining the ranks of those who walk on water at a record pace, but
some are still unaware of what a great sport Ice Fishing is.

Professional Ice Team Pro’s Barb Carey and Shelly Holland will be
joined by outdoor writer Kristine Houtman and photographer Hannah
Stonehouse Hudson. Clam power stick pro’s Bonnie Timm and Rikki Pardun
will also hit the Ice along with long time fishing instructor Holly

This media event will hopefully reach Women who are Ice Anglers and
want to take their passion to the next level and also reach those who
never considered Ice Angling to be something they would be able to do
on their own. The new gear by Clam Outdoors has opened doors to those
who otherwise would not be able to physically participate. Chris
Boche, a 67 year old women, who Ice Fishes all over the Ice Belt
stated, “ The Clam Ice Auger Conversion Kit allows me to go fishing by
myself. Even at my age, I drill as many holes as I want.”

The event is sponsored by Clam Outdoors, Chevrolet,Vexilar, Jiffy,
Aqua Vu, Outdoor First Media,The Great Wild Radio Show, Fish on Kids
Books, Stonehouse Photography, WI Women Fish, Cyrus Resort, and Lake
of the Woods Tourism Bureau.

Outdoor first media will film the event and videos, photos and story’s
about the adventure will be posted on the web site Women are encouraged to post photos and share their stories, and to hash tag any photos they have to #womenonice.

Check out our printable press release here: WIAP Press Release


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